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Playing Chicken with the Cult of Kim IL Sung

The portrayal of North Korea in the discourse of North Atlantic politicians, the mainstream media and academia refuses to accept and deal with the fact that the cult of Kim Il Sung is the instrument of social control and the cement that binds the social order into a working unit. This is a cult that invests in the demonisation of the USA as the ever persistent apex existential threat to the survival of the fatherland. Cult members are then persistently gazing externally for the attack from the external enemy that will destroy their fatherland. Cult member are expected to resist the expected and longed for attack from the mother of all external aggressors with their lackeys in tow with mass suicide through national resistance to the death. The cult of Kim Il Sung in its quest for resistance to the point of national suicide now has “The Bomb.”

The dynasty of Kim and the cult of Kim Il Sung has a tension within the power relation between them both as the propagation and the policing of the discourse creates the tension between those who say and do according to the discourse of Kim Il Sung and those who do what they want to do despite what they say regardless of their actions that abrogate the discourse of the cult of Kim Il Sung. This contradiction will escalate into an internecine power struggle when the threat of “fury and fire” is perceived as the long expected apocalypse that arises with US military attack. To expect the current incarnation of the Kim Il Sung bloodline and the attendant dynastic oligarchy to be able to eliminate this assault from the personnel of the cult can prove to be delusional at best. For there are those visible in the oligarchy who are firm adherents to the worldview of the cult of Kim Il Sung. Then there are the propagators, protectors and policing instruments of the cult with their units and mass action followers amongst the masses on the ground and within the armed forces. The propagation of the discourse of the cult, protection of spaces under the control of the cult and policing the citizens in those spaces pervade the entire social order and is in fact the basic building block of power relations and social control. When faced with the certain expectation of the manifest existential threat at the hands of the US the devotes of the cult can and will seize the momentum of engagement with any sign of weakness, wavering and kowtowing on the part of the current carrier of the bloodline of the Eternal President.

A social order built upon an apocalyptic cult of the external attack enables a dynasty with its attendant oligarchy but the discourse of the cult has a specificity, an existential reality of its own which transforms the power relations at the moment the apocalypse becomes manifestly real. At this point of discursive existence, the current holder of the bloodline and the attendant oligarchy is placed under interrogation by the discourse for the discourse is real in the worldview of those it has constituted over generations from 1948 to the present.

What actions the cult demands from those constituted in the face of imminent apocalypse at the hands of the US? The cult expects that its adherents shall choose death over surrender to and acceptance of US hegemony over North Korea. Surrender will falsify the discourse of the Great Leader and Eternal President and render the leadership and sacrifice of Kim Il Sung for the realisation of the new Korean Peninsula a lie and an abject failure. To pre-empt this there will be no one to surrender and the US will exercise dominion over a devastated Korea. To do less than mass national suicide is a grave act of ingratitude to the Great Leader which render such citizens apostates worthy of death. The means to achieve these aims are much easier presently as the cult has now gone nuclear! The possible range of actions must then attain the apocalyptic consummation of the cult, the end times scenario. What is a given in this scenario is the destruction of the Korean Peninsula with the use of the thermonuclear devices on the peninsula and Japan the brutal coloniser of the peninsula! If the capability exists, the extremists of the discursive creators of the cult will move for a first strike on the US and its territories thereby inviting the US to ensure the realisation of the grand driving aim of the cult.

Where does China fit into all of this? China is walking a minefield that both itself and the US in their game of geopolitics created. China might have influence with the dynasty of Kim and its oligarchy for they are there to enjoy abundantly the fruits of power. But when faced with the triggering of the perception of the apocalypse with the US Chinese action can very well be viewed by the cult personnel as being inimical to the process of the solution to the inevitable apocalypse made manifest. China can then be induced to finish the process they intervened into in 1950 to ensure its survival with a thermonuclear device.

Mass action is not necessary to launch the bid for hegemony with the advent of the apocalypse made manifest. All that is necessary are units of committed devotees of the cult from across the social structure especially the armed forces, party apparatus, the national security apparatus and the defence infrastructure. At the moment the bid for power becomes public mass action comes into play. This will then be a period of intense instability in which any outcome of a range of possible and probable outcomes is on the cards. At this point in time Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall and all those mocking pretenders of the North Atlantic cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again because Humpty Dumpty has thermonuclear capability and the intention to use it by any means necessary. To play chicken with North Korea on the supposition that you are dealing with a rational, hegemonic dynasty of Kim and its oligarchy is failing to understand that there is a potent challenger to rationality, the dynasty of Kim and its oligarchy in the room. The dynasty and its oligarchy are much more responsive to the demands of the power relations with the cult of Kim Il Sung than that with Trump for failure to ride the back of this Tiger discursively formulated, unleashed and policed by Kim Il Sung until his death shall result in the demise of the present configuration of the dynasty and its oligarchy. Trump just can’t be strategic for he must fall back on the white power approach of shock and awe as it’s compulsory in his worldview. Is this an attempt to make America great again through the destabilisation even devastation of the Korean Peninsula?

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