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The Judgment in the First Case brought by grandparents of children in Al-Roj camp NE Syria

Listed for download are the : Judgment delivered in the first case brought by grandparent Tamjeed Ali and Shaheed Mohammed who both have grandchildren and daughters-in-law presently detained in Al Roj camp. To deny the children, minors, T&T citizens their constitutional rights by stating that they are "terrorists" what is there to prevent T&T slipping down the slippery slope of State suppression of our constitutional rights? The silent Muslims of T^&T apparently don't understand this reality. This is why the case presented to the Court by the defendant, the State, is also listed for download as it provides a lesson in the rationale of fear mongering to deny children, innocent children, minors their rights as citizens of T&T. There is the pandemic and the "terrorists" both justifications for erosion of rights of the citizen.

Tamjeed Ali Saheed Mohammed v Min of Nat Security and the AG - Judicial Review
Download PDF • 543KB

Defendant's submissions filed on 2.2.21 (1)
Download PDF • 24.16MB


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