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racist hegemony
cocaine volume 2
salafi jihadi discourse
simbhoonath capildeo
jihad in T&T
cocaine volume 1
the al qaeda discourse of the greter kufr
the east indian problem in T&T
tubal uriah butler
cocaine trafficking
Foucault Biopower

First book of a special series.

Frantz Fanon for the 21st Century V1

Second book in a special series.

Frantz Fanon_Volume 2_main

Third book in a special series.


Fourth book in the special series


Fifth book in the special series

Frantz Fanon vol 3

Sixth book in the special series


Seventh book in the special series

Belize Cover (Web-RGB-150dpi)
Transnational Organized Crime and Drug T

Illicit Trades Book 4

The Islamic State_cover

Islamic State and Muslims of T&T

FINAL_Foucault & Fanon eBook Cover (300dpi)
Qur'anic Discourse eBook Cover_300dpi

Qur'anic Discourse

Xi Jinping Cover (Web-RBG-72dpi)

Discourse of Xi Jinping Deeconstructed

Exiting a Racist Worldview Book Cover (Web-RBG-72dpi)

First of the Revised editions

The Geo-Politics of LNG Book Cover (Web-RBG-72dpi)-01

Second of the revised editions

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