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The SDF discourse of young males from 2 years old as Grave Threats

It must be understood that the SDF and by extension the Kurds who support it are seeking to create a race/ethnic state straddling Syria, Iraq and Turkey, this then is a race/ethnic war between Kurds, Arabs and Turks in which persons from T&T unwittingly bought into by projecting their desires unto Islamic State rather than doing a critical analysis of IS from their discourse, worldview to their actions on the ground. The SDF is demonizing the Cubs of the Caliphate projecting the young males as the evil incarnate of Arab Islamic terror in so doing the foreign young males are being rejected by their countries of origin using this same fear mongering as reason to reject their repatriation. In response the SDF responds with begging any and all agencies who will listen to pressure their countries of origin to repatriate their young males. It falls to the SDF's overlord the USA to now apply the pressure on recalcitrant source countries as T&T. Click on the links to experience material put out by the SDF and the AANES on these issues revealing their self-defeating discourse.

On February 4, 2022 Human Rights Watch released a statement on the fate of the young males in the Sana'a prison in Hasakah following the attacks outlining the grave humanitarian crisis impacting these young males from 12 years old to 18 years old. SDF knows that the list of casualties of young males arising from the Islamic State's attack is a political hot potato so they are using deflection and beating on the Arab grave threat to the Kurds which means that T&T young males are simply collateral damage. Never forget these children had no power to impact the choice made by their parents/parent, they are victims.


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