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Australia one of the great naysayers will now repatriate all their women and children from NE Syria

The resurgence of the Islamic State in NE Syria where they are targeting Al-Hawl/Al-Hol camp to turn it into an operational base of insurgency and the gravity of this resurgence, has now impacted the new Labour government of Australia to relent on the naysayer position of the previous regime, as they move to repatriate ALL their women and children including children born in Syria under the rule of IS to Australia. The group of hardcore naysayers to repatriation countries have lost a most important member leaving the UK and Canada alone as the list of North Atlantic countries now repatriating ALL their women and children from Al-Hawl and Al-Roj grows. On September 28, 2022 the government of the Netherlands announced that it was repatriating all its women and children from the camps. T&T whose contingent of women and children is numerically larger than that of Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, Denmark and France individually to name a few, has a government and civil society who remain glued to their silence and denial on this grave humanitarian issue. T&T had the largest contingent to the Islamic State per capita which is reflected in the numerical size of its contingent of women and children in the camps, which as a nation with a government treats with silence and denial. But this is no sustainable solution to our problem and now the geopolitical headwinds will impact T&T. One indication of this is the bill laid on the floor of the US Senate by Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Lindsay Graham titled "The Syria Detainee and Displaced Persons Act" dealing with the grave crisis of the camps in NE Syria. The resurgence of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq will soon impact the foot dragging and denial of the present T&T government.


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