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The Great Naysayer Britain Blinks

On October 13, 2022 the great naysayer repatriated a British woman and her child from Hawl camp. First Australia now Britain speaks to the dire situation in these camps in conjunction with the resurgence of the Islamic State aided and abetted by Turkiye's aggression. What is now being revealed with these repatriations is the size of the T&T contingent in the camps in NE Syria. T&T's contingent is numerically larger than Britain's in spite of our population of approximately 1.4 million of which Muslims are no more than 10%, if so much. Grave questions for the National Security apparatus to answer, if they can. In spite of the collapse of the white naysayers the government of T&T remains insistent that they are not even sure that there are citizens of T&T in the camps. A position that is simply not sustainable, in fact it is as a dinosaur heading to extinction one way or the other as when the T&T contingent lands at Piarco airport and left on the tarmac for us.


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