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Human Rights Watch Reports that Children Repatriated from the Camps are being Reintegrated

Human Rights Watch has released a report on the success of efforts to reintegrate children repatriated from the Hawl and Roj camps in NE Syria. In this report T&T is listed as one of the recalcitrant countries refusing to repatriate their children with the largest contingents in the camps. Since writing T&T now stands alone as the others in the recalcitrant camp have started to repatriate leaving T&T standing alone voiceless and shameless. The HRW report potently illustrates that when handled imaginatively and relevant to the patient, rehabilitation and reintegration of children of the camps is effective and contributes to public safety. The terrorism mongering position of the T&T government and the deafening silence of the munafiqun of T&T are instructive of an increasingly reactionary position that is harming the international reputation of T&T. To maintain this position whilst the resurgence of the Islamic State heightens in Syria is a position driven by delusion.


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