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The Long Hand of the USA in the Quest for those who Served Islamic State

What is now apparent is the willingness of persons detained in the camps in NE Syria to give up, inform on persons wanted by the USA for giving their service to Islamic State who undertook hijrah from the West to the Islamic State or did NOT but enabled, facilitated and funded the hijrah of others to the Islamic State from the West. Those from T&T who fall into both categories and are still alive then expect someday a knock on your door whether you be in T&T, in the camps or at large. What is now potently clear is the level of penetration of the IS structure that existed whilst it was operational and in existence and the volume of files etc retrieved from the ruins of the Islamic State. A selection of cases completed against persons in US custody in 2022 is a revelation of the level of prosecutable evidence that exists. Which means that all persons from T&T detained in the camps, prisons and rehabilitation centres of NE Syria have files on them and their risk profile which is available to the T&T government. Why then no repatriation of our children?

The completed cases are: the case of Mohammed Khalifa who worked with the T&T crew on the Englsih language publications of IS especially Dabiq. They died and he survived. Wonder why? Khalifa pleaded guilty as charged and his sentence was life in prison, no trial, no revelations.

Dilshod Khusanov resident of the USA citizen of Uzbekistan to 11 years for funding IS and Nusra Front. Wonder if he earned his light sentence by singing for it?

The case of Aine Davis of the IS executioners "The Beatles" was deported from Turkey to the UK and arrested. Two other members of the Beatles are presently serving time in the US.

Finally the revelation of the agent working for IS and Canadian intelligence simultaneously.

Lesson for Muslims: Islamic State was an instrument of the West to ensure the hegemony of the West over the Muslim lands, simply the munafiqun of Islam. You sow the wind now you have reaped the whirlwind.


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