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UNICEF visits the dormitory of the young males at al-Sina'a Prison

News of this UNICEF visit came from the SDF and North Press agency websites. Note the video attached to the SDF article which gives a glimpse of the overcrowding and the fact that these young males are incarcerated in a Super Max Prison. Children are doing hard time without being charged with any crime and found guilty as charged. This is the SDF Guantanamo for young males who were captured as members of Islamic State, the grave threat of the Cubs of the Caliphate regardless of the fact that no evidence is forthcoming proving that they were trained members of the said Cubs of the Kalipha. Another case of colonial domination and profiling by race.

The SDF made its official statement on the outcome of the attack on the al-Sina'a prison without revealing the number of children killed in the attack by using deflection, sleight of hand discourse and masking the reality. The message to T&T is loud and clear: get your citizens out of our camps as they are collateral damage in a war for a race/ethnic state as they are not one of us.


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