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The task of Rehabilitation and Reintegration following Repatriation to T&T

To ensure the national security of T&T repatriation must be buttressed with an instrument of rehabilitation and reintegration which is informed by a knowledge of the social order of the Islamic State and the role/s repatriated survivors articulated in this social order. First in line for scrutiny and assessment are the women of T&T presently held in Roj camp. For example amongst the T&T female survivors are there survivors or the siege of Raqqa or did they flee Raqqa before the siege? Those , if any, who were in Raqqa for the siege, the wife/ wives of foreign fighters were they ordered by IS to join the Khatiba Nusaybah and were they trained by the Khatiba Nusaybah as fighters etc for the Islamic State? This is just one of a series of crucial questions that must be asked and investigations conducted to determine complicity with the Islamic State and its agenda. Which means that there can be no repatriation without the legislation in place to lay charges against and prosecute such persons as probable threats to national security exist.

The families, friends and circles, the reference groups of the survivors have to be also assessed as family members , friends, associates and the Islamic State cells in T&T comprising the recruiters, facilitators, enablers and financiers are still intact espousing the extremist worldview that will work to resuscitate the worldview that motivated them to undertake hijrah/migration to Islamic State. The requisite legislation has to be put in place to enable prosecution and conviction of such individuals for aiding and abetting a terrorist organisation. There are families, friends, circles of associates that the repatriated children cannot be exposed to as they will socialise these children in a manner that retards the process of rehabilitation and reintegration. Those who insist that repatriation is all that is needed to solve the problem and the families can handle the rest is seeking to sell T&T cat in bag.

Click and read the US court documents for the case against US citizen Allison Elizabeth Fluke-Ekren and get one insight into one probable threat. The T&T women in Roj camp were assessed by the SDF and the AANES as being fit for rehabilitation and reintegration hence moved from Al-Hawl/Al-Hol camp to Roj camp, we have that in our favour

Allison Fluke-Ekren has pleaded guilty to leading the Islamic State's Khatiba Nusayn brigade in Raqqa. The fact that she survived Raqqa and ended up alive in a SDF prison camp testifies to the IS strategy of exporting the wive s and children of foreign fighters before the battle is lost. This was the strategy to have these foreign fighters and their wives obligated to IS for the grand final apocalyptic battle at Baghouz. This is where the probable risk of a terrorist threat arises and must be dealt with backed up with relevant law before the rehabilitation intervention is launched. The case of Fluke-Ekren is proof of the willingness of persons incarcerated by the SDF to inform on targeted persons in detention as they seek repatriation to their home countries. This must also be cultivated amongst T&T women seeking repatriation. Did Fluke-Ekren make a deal to inform or is she taking the fall as a hard core member of the cult of IS.? The sentencing of Fluke-Ekren will testify to that reality, but by pleading guilty there is no trial, no defense nothing will be revealed in public.


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