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The Power GAMES the Governemnt is Playing with People's Lives in the Camps.

T&T had the unique distinction of having the largest contingent to Islamic State in the world which the Government of T&T refuses to wrap its collective mind around dispensing delusion, illusion, distraction and hard raw power games with the T&T nationals in the Camps and their relatives in T&T who are spending tons of money on Court cases which are not necessary if the Government was adept at embracing its responsibility to its citizens as a Government is duty bound to do according to our Republican Constitution. T&T is on a daily basis the member of a shrinking camp of source countries who are evading their duty with all sorts of evasion, distraction and game playing to ease the pressure being exerted on them to repatriate their nationals from Syria. What is now clear is that the government now intends to drag it out until the USA loads up our nationals on a plane and drop them off at Piarco. This will enable the government to belly ache that they had no choice, they were forced to take back our nationals thereby giving them in their mind a fall guy, the USA, when things go wrong in T&T for the government is convinced even paranoid that these women and children pose a grave terrorist threat which will put them in the position of the NAR on July 27 1990 and thereafter. There is then no capacity for reason in this paranoid mindset for it is driven by a PNM in transition and the morbid paranoia of losing control of the State being dispensed by persons intent on exerting hegemony over the party in the future. What is right is being trumped by political expediency as a delusion is now fact, real. Read the documents below and feel the brutality of this strategy being used against persons in grave need.

Seebaran-Notice of Application for JR-draft order (1)
Download PDF • 440KB

Seebaran-Notice of Application for JR
Download PDF • 502KB

Download 22 • 21KB


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