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The Humanitarian Crisis Worsens in the Camps as the Geopolitical Terrain Tanks

The humanitarian crisis in the camps especially concerning the daily supply of food and water has worsened as the blow back from the war in the Ukraine is the primary concern of the transnational aid agencies and the refusal of the government of T&T to intervene in this humanitarian crisis enveloping our citizens in the camps of NE Syria. The geopolitical terrain is progressively worsening since January 2022 as the Islamic State expands and intensifies its guerrilla insurgency to destabilize the hegemony of the SDF over NE Syria through various devises as the assassination of AANES functionaries. The Islamic state intends to create a power vacuum in the order of power on the ground which they intend to fill. This Islamic State operation is also ongoing across the border in Iraq. Now added to this picture is the onset of Turkish military operations in the North which will stretch the resources of the SDF creating vacuums for the Islamic State to fill as in times past. Turkey is fully exploiting the opportunities afforded it by the war in Ukraine. The question arises of what is Turkey's end game in Syria? In the midst of this deteriorating strategic reality the AANES revealed the extent of the infrastructural damage the Islamic State inflicted on Hasakah in January 2022 which speaks to the ferocity of the Islamic State's attack. The sustainability of the T&T government's strategy to abandon our citizens in the camps in NE Syria is on a daily basis being assaulted by the geopolitical terrain of NE Syria increasing the certainty of the entire T&T contingent being dumped at Piarco by the USA. An event for which the T&T government is totally unprepared!


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