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The Guerilla Insurgency of the Islamic State in North East Syria Heightens

The SDF is reporting repeatedly of the intent of Islamic State to launch an attack on the Hawl camp in Hasakah, North East Syria. This is the sprawling camp housing over 56, 000 persons with foreign women and children. The camp's population is dominated by Syrians and Iraqis captured by the SDF with the collapse of Islamic State in 2019. The SDF reported that there are sleeper cells in the camp whose role it is to destabilise the camp opening it up to external attack with the intent of overrunning and taking control of the camp turning it into a battlefield between Islamic State and the SDF. The women and children of third countries are then faced with grave peril especially those belonging to countries whose governments refuse to repatriate them as T&T does. Islamic State intends to attack and take control of Hawl camp turning it into the funeral pyre an apocalyptical cult always precipitates as its grand exit from the present life. The grand apocalyptical end times of Islamic State was constituted to occur in the final battle of Baghuz Fawqani where the surviving women and children of the foreign fighters were to be the human shields that died under the fire of the SDF and the US air strikes but this failed to occur when it was discovered by the enforcers rounding up the women and children that Baghdadi and the rest of the Arab oligarchy that had survived had slipped away during the night in the Syrian desert carrying all the gold and other valuables they looted with them. The fact that the khalifa ran from the date with mass death/suicide set for all the surviving followers gave the enforcers a rude awakening. Unlike Jim Jones and David Koresh, Baghdadi ran with the gold. The perfect expression of all Islamic State was in its praxis, the praxis of the slithering.


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