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Starvation and the Concern over the Resurgence of the Islamic State

Ramadan 16, 1443

Sere Kaniye camp east of Hasakah houses internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Syria. They are not in detention, this is not a prison camp of tents as those the children and women of t&T are presently detained in. The inhabitants of Sere Kaniye are free to leave and enter the camp, to seek out work, to hustle but this freedom makes little difference to the hard times they now live with on a daily basis. The grave daily reality is hunger as the prices of commodities have soared and the volume of the food rations handed out by the international humanitarian organizations continue to shrink in volume triggering daily hunger. If this is the daily reality of free IDPs what is the daily reality of our children and women who are detained in prison camps where all their necessities to life are only supplied by international humanitarian organizations? Click the link and experience this reality of life as an IDP.

The SDF Military Council held a meeting on April 12, 2022. In its final statement at the end of the meeting the SDF stated: “the meeting confirmed that ISIS continues to pose a real threat as its activity and attacks in the region escalate,” “The meeting focused on the case of ISIS prisons and detention facilities in the region, called on the international community to provide the necessary support to secure them, and urged the States to repatriate their nationals.”

T&T refuses to repatriate its children and women from the detention camps whilst being uninvolved in providing support to the prisons and camps where t&T citizens are detained. The T&T government is then a free loader as it refuses to repatriate its citizens but contributes nothing to the maintenance of the facilities in which T&T citizens are detained in NE Syria. T&T is hustling the world to keep what it considers a terrorist threat away for free.

The SDF Commander in Chief was visited by General Michael Kurilla Commander of US Centcom for the Middle East in NE Syria. The SDF press release states: “General Kurilla pledged to provide more support to secure the prisons and camps holding ISIS detainees and their families, in addition to the commitment to continue the mission of fighting ISIS by staying in Syria.” “General Kurilla also underscored the importance of maintaining the security of north and eastern Syria to prevent the resurgence of ISIS, eliminate its cells, and dry up its environment.” The SDF press release cited the Al-Hol/Hawl camp and the Al-Hasaka/Al-Sina’a prison of major concern.

The T&T government by its refusal to repatriate its citizens is then begging for handouts from the USA, constantly mooching free lunches, making no contribution to the security of the prison and detention camps that hold our citizens. How long does it expect American freeness to continue? When will the silence of the Muslim leaders of T&T and the Opposition end?


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