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Repatriation 2021 from NE Syria, T&T Missing in Action!

Ramadan 11, 2022

A North press agency article dated December 27, 2021 reported on the statistics of children and women from third countries held in the Hawl and Roj camps of NE Syria who were repatriated to their countries of origin through the efforts of the governments of these countries and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES). The statistics released by the AANES report that in 2021: 324 children and women were repatriated, in 2020: 282 children and women were repatriated and in 2019: 389 children and women.

In 2021 the list of countries who repatriated their citizens was as follows: Uzbekistan: 92 persons, 68 children and 24 women; Russia: 62 persons; Canada: 2 children; France: 4 children; the Netherlands: 4 persons, 3 children and 1 woman; Ukraine: 8 persons, 7 children and 1 woman; Belgium: 16 persons, 10 children and 6 women; Finland: 3 persons, two children and 1 woman; Macedonia: 11 persons, 9 children and 2 women; Albania: 19 persons, 14 children and 5 women; Sweden: 20 persons, 14 children and 6 women; Germany: 31 persons, 23 children and 8 women; Denmark: 17 persons, 14 children and 3 women; Britain: 3 children; Norway: 1 child; Switzerland: 2 children; Palestine: 2 children; Kurdistan Region of Iraq: 23 persons, 14 children and 9 women and Yazidis: 10 children reunited with their mothers.

In 2021 there is no mention of Trinidad and Tobago as having repatriated any of their citizens from the Hawl and Roj camps. The solution is to deny our citizens in the camps whilst enforcing silence in the social order of T&T aided and abetted by the political opposition and Muslims of T&T. This not a viable solution on the part of the government given the geopolitical realities of NE Syria, but why the complicity of the political opposition and Muslims of T&T?


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