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Malnourished Children in Roj Camp NE Syria Right Now!

Ramadan 11, 1443

A North press agency article dated April 11, 2022 reported that Denmark would now repatriate 5 children without their mothers from a camp in NE Syria. The article states: “The Danish authorities are planning to bring five children of ISIS members from Roj camp south of Derik, northeast Syria, but their mothers will be left behind, Foreign Minister Jepe Kofod said.” “For political reasons, most Danish politicians take a hard line stance on ISIS members and their families to appear ‘tough on terrorism’”.

The decision was taken following a medical report by a doctor and a psychiatrist revealing several malnourished children who required hospital attention.”

This report and the action taken by the government of Denmark proves that the children in Roj camp, North east Syria where the children and women of T&T are held are faced today, right now with death due to malnutrition and illness, they are living in a humanitarian crisis. In T&T the government, the opposition and the imams and scholars of Islam are all publicly silent! The lesson is potent: pursue your hard line position, abandon these T&T children and women in the camps in Northeast Syria presenting utter heartlessness in light of the conditions under which they live. Are all of the silent ones pursuing death in the camps to solve this problem??


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