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Hawl camp, NE Syria and the threat it poses to T&T Gov't Denial

Ramadan 12, 1443

On Saturday 9, April 2022 there was an international conference held in Baghdad, Iraq expressly on the Hawl camp, NE Syria and the threat posed by its present configuration to the region according to North press agency of April 11, 2022. the conference was attended by: the ambassadors of the USA and Britain, the ambassadors of the EU to Iraq, the head of mission of the IOM in Iraq, the representative of UNICEF in Iraq and the representative of the Secretary-General of the UN in Iraq, At the conference the UN Special Representative stated: “Hawl camp is a ticking time bomb. If it goes off, it will not only impact the region but far beyond.” “In terms of proactively taking steps to fulfill its obligations to repatriate its nationals, Iraq has set an example on the global stage.”

The government of T&T insists that it is not obligated to repatriate its citizens in the camps in NE Syria refusing to even send an official delegation to the AANES to visit the camps to ascertain if there are T&T citizens in the camps and to conduct a census if there are. T&T is then a rogue, playing maverick in the explosive geopolitical reality of the camps, Islamic State, the SDF and NE Syria. And in this futile act of denial they are supported by the official opposition and the so-called Muslim leaders of T&T, all silent! The article describes Hawl camps: “Hawl camp, which is considered the most dangerous camp in the world, houses more than 56 thousand people, including about ten thousand foreign nationals, and no less than 30 thousand Iraqis.” There are then Syrians, Iraqis and some ten thousand third country nationals in Hawl camp which is located in Hasakah making it the prime soft target of Islamic State in NE Syria. The silence of the government, the official opposition and the Muslim leaders of T&T on Ramadan 12, 1443 speaks to all that is chronically wrong with the politics of race in our 60th year as an independent nation.


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