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Australia's refusal to repatriate is T&T's model of silence/no action

The UN Human Rights Council wrote the Australian government dealing with its refusal to treat with and repatriate the 30 children and 16 women with Australian citizenship presently detained in Roj and Hawl camps. In February 2022 12 UN experts accused Australia of obliterating the rights of the Australian children presently held in the camps in North East Syria. In the letter the UN Human Rights Council stated that repatriation of its citizens from the camps was the only legal and humane response to their situation in the camps. The Australian Ambassador to the UN replied as follows: "Australia considers all circumstances when approaching the question of repatriations from Syria and responds on a case by case basis." Sounds familiar! "Australia does not accept that it exercises jurisdiction over detention facilities in north east Syria." Sounds familiar? The case of the Australian government is premised on the terrorist threat posed by the children and women and the excuse of not having jurisdiction over the camps where their citizens are detained which means those detained are stateless. Sounds familiar? In 2019 the government of PM Scott Morrison refused to repatriate any Australian woman detained in the camps which apparently also applies to the children. In spite of the repeated calls by the AANES, the SDF, various UN agencies and the USA, Australia is recalcitrant in its position even though it is part of the coalition that fought the Islamic State. This is the company T&T is keeping but we are not Australia and Britain in the geopolitics of the North Atlantic, we will be the example made, the lesson sent when the entire T&T contingent in the camps and in prison is loaded up and dumped at Piarco given the recalcitrance of the present government on this pressing international issue. Click to read the North press article that reported on the letter to the Australian government. Wonder when T&T will be getting ours, or we got one already?

An analysis of the recalcitrance of the Australian government on the issue of repatriation of its children and women provides insights to the road the government of T&T is now willingly on and the threats posed to our democracy as outlined in our Republican constitution given the acceptance of the Australian model by the present government of T&T. An academic analysis of the Australian reality provides us with these insights to apply to our reality in T&T. Click the link:


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