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The Explosions of Sweden: constituting a pogrom against the non-whites of Sweden.

The social order of Sweden exhibits a unique propensity to utilise explosives especially hand grenades to launch attacks on people and property. The attacks exhibited an escalation in 2018 which continued in 2019. What is noteworthy is the hegemonic discourse that explains these attacks with discursive constructs that are intent on constituting a series of pogroms against the non-white population of Sweden housed in the bantustans of Sweden. What are discernible from the press reports are as follows: hand grenades are easily available in Sweden and the law does not define them as lethal weapons hence prohibited, the Swedish social order embraces instruments of explosion to attack the social order rather than the gun, the explosions have escalatedfrom 2018 to 2019 but deaths as a result of these explosions have not escalated in a commensurate manner. The consensus in Sweden on the spiraling attacks with explosives especially hand grenades is that it is the action of gangs of non-whites most of whom were born in Sweden to non-white immigrants. The description gang is very problematic for it conjures up the notion that a gang of non-whites is then presenting a threat to the white social order that threatens to evolve into an existential threat.

The gangs of non-whites rooted in the no-go zones of the immigrant bantustans of Sweden are then according to this white supremacist discourse driven by hate of white Sweden. The salient unspoken reality is that this specific actions in fact do not fit into the rules and strategic intent of the illicit game. A gang intent on exerting hegemony over spaces in which to carry out their illicit business or defending their hegemony from assault cannot attain their strategic intent without rolling on their enemies. A war for hegemony in the illicit game demands dead bodies, murder and mayhem not explosions that damage property overwhelmingly. From all the reports in the Swedish media on this reality, this is no battle for hegemony over the illicit trades in the bantustans of Sweden. The methodology utilized is ineffective in defending or seizing turf and it is totally bad for business and any gang in the Game utilizing this methodology will be eliminated by the dominant groups within the Swedish illicit trades especially transnational organized crime. The escalation in 2018 would have been met with the expected violent reprisals illustrated by graphic terminations of the perpetrators. This has not happened, the trend escalated in 2019 and there is no escalation in the murder toll especially by firearms. This escalation commencing in 2018 has then nothing then to do with gangs of non-whites in the spaces of the Swedish bantustans engaged in running battles for control of the illicit economy.

Explanations for the use of explosives must then focus on expressions of political action by groups within both the non-white and white communities which are extremist in worldview and methodology. In this reality the Islamic extremist and the white supremacist constitute the apex of extremism as they engage with the state for hegemonic power over specific spaces of Sweden’s social order. Individuals intent on utilizing explosives as instruments of power are given space in which to contribute to the escalating extremist political action. The binary duality of the apex of extremism is the product of a bi-polar social order where you willingly embrace non-white immigrants to Sweden to then dump them in race based bantustans of exclusion and marginalization which is the product of a white supremacist worldview. You import non-whites to then prove that they are incapable of immersion in Swedish white culture thereby constituting a white supremacist self-fulfilling prophecy. The race bantustans are then instruments of exclusion to prevent the spread of non-white infections in the white population. When faced with the blow back from these zones of quarantine you then blame the inmates and portray them as a grave threat to the white order thereby driving white supremacy as the political weapon of choice to mitigate this grave existential threat now emanating from the race bantustans. The Swedish attempt to write a discourse of white humanitarian outreach to non-white sufferers on a hegemonic Swedish discourse of white supremacy has produced a non-white existential threat, which has enabled the rise of the ultra-extremist discourse of white supremacism to now pose a potent challenge to white liberal supremacism as the hegemonic political discourse in Sweden. This is the political discourse of neo-Nazism of the 21st century. The hegemonic discourse exhibited in the media especially in its causality of the explosions reveals the strategic intent to constitute a pogrom on the non-whites of Sweden, which works to the benefit of the extremists of non-white and white populations. This Swedish discourse is then propagating an apocalyptic solution to a problem that is being deliberately framed as the product of an existential threat to white hegemony in Sweden. This public discourse is then propagating another self-fulfilling prophecy with the intent to evolve the Swedish social order into a white social order permanently mobilized for a military response at a personal level to the ever present existential threat. The Swedish social order is then being prepared for neo-Nazi hegemony attained via escalating extremism both white and non-white. Sweden must then have its sustainable pogrom and its Kristallnacht.

The salient lesson of this reality is the inherent inability, incompetence and weakness of the national security apparatus of Sweden to generate an operational strategy informed by an operational discourse of the security realities of the bantustans. The marginalization of non-whites in these bantustans is in fact premised on rendering them invisible to the white social order in its most extreme definition where no knowledge of the inmates of the bantustans are worthy of being generated. There is no gaze affixed, there is no knowledge generated, no discourse formulated hence strategies of power and instruments of power applied to the inmates to constitute them subjects of power. The non-white subject of power in its operational totality under hegemonic bio-power is non-existent in Sweden. This is is the fundamental reason why the national security apparatus does not have a clue as to what goes on in these bantustans on a daily basis. White supremacy in its most extreme form has blinded the Swedish national security apparatus to its duty to surveil, to gaze upon, to apply power and to constitute pliable individuals. They are non-white and must be rendered invisible to the gaze of power. Pure lunacy! The bantustans are not even approximations of the social order from whence they came, not even an internal colony just invisible spaces that can only constitute an apocalyptic terrain, that can only spawn extremism and cross fertilize hegemonic white supremacy thereby placing the neo-Nazi political agenda as the hegemonic final solution for the white population. The issue is not then the arrival of the non-white immigrants but the white supremacist Swedish political agenda that informs their arrival and then being rendered invisible to white Swedish eyes including the national security apparatus. Simply another instance of the schizophrenia that afflicts white supremacist liberals.

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