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The Message of Minister Stef Blok to All Non-White Peoples of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok presents a potent message to all non-white peoples of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This message has multiple instruments of power that illustrate the strategy that is in motion which makes it obvious that the PVV and Geert Wilders are in opposition but their discourse is in government in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Blok presents the position that all non-white peoples present in the Netherlands present an existential threat to the Dutch white race. The flood of non-white races into the Netherlands will eventually attain demographic critical mass and the Dutch will become a minority in their native land, their culture, identity, language, religion therefore all that identifies and signifies the Dutch as a significant European ethnic group will be diluted, bastardised and eventually rendered extinct. Dutch culture and identity will be immersed in a sea of alien non-European smells, sights and sensibilities and the genetic code of the Dutch will be polluted with a mass of the Miscegenated the product of procreation across the racial divide. Blok is visualising the Netherlands then rapidly evolving a demography, a cultural landscape and a worldview of a colonial state where Dutch hegemony over the social order will be challenged and eventually overthrown by non-white peoples. Blok is gripped with racist supremacist paranoia which projects and feeds upon racist fear, fear of a black Holland, fear that demands political action to pre-empt this landscape of white genocide in its ancestral land which is the product of the action of liberal beliefs. Blok is insisting that liberal beliefs are posing grave existential threats to the sustainable hegemony of the Dutch over the Netherlands and his target is multiculturalism. The reference he makes to the decimation of the original population in a multicultural society is the use of the white model of decimating the Native Peoples replacing them with themselves, transporting non-whites into this white dominated society, the immigration of non-whites to the point where the white demographic dominance is now in train a given. Blok is now using the example of the USA in a myopic manner to present the evidence for the need for white racist paranoia of the impending demographic holocaust in the North Atlantic. For Blok the white genocide waged on the Native Peoples, the transport of millions of enslaved Africans and the use of non-white migrant labour to lower the price of labour are all expressions of white entitlement, manifest destiny and the blowback from these actions must not impact the hegemony of the white race. The white race then stands absolved from cause, effect and the blowback thereof. In the second decade of the 21st century Blok is speaking straight out of the 18th century racist colonial imperialist playbook. Blok exemplifies this with his position on Suriname a former Dutch colony whose social order today is the product of Dutch colonial conquest, decimation of the Native Peoples, the transport of enslaved Africans followed by the transport of immigrant Asians from the Dutch colonial empire to Suriname for the benefit of the Dutch colonial enterprise. When it was no longer profitable the Dutch left Suriname to find its own way totally unprepared for the challenges of existence as an ex-colonial State. But Blok accepts no guilt for the impact of Dutch colonial domination on Suriname what he is in fact insisting is that with the departure of the Dutch Suriname collapsed and it’s now a failed state because of the disappearance of the white colonial order of the master race that ensures peace, security and development. Hence with the eventual demise of the Dutch and their hegemony over the Netherlands it will be replaced by a failed state, a post-apocalyptic waste land, a Suriname.

To pre-empt this visualised landscape of white genocide Blok gestures to the Eastern European solution where non-white peoples are violently assaulted, purged and they simply disappear from the streets from the social order. Blok is letting the Final Solution jinn out of the bottle. Blok juxtaposes an entirely different landscape to Eastern Europe with what exists in the Netherlands specifically in The Hague where those who live in the affluent neighbourhoods simply don’t know the reality of the daily life of Dutch people who live with immigrant populations in the less affluent neighbourhoods of The Hague. The affluent consider visiting immigrant businesses in these neighbourhoods as being multiculturalism in action, an indication of their liberalism because they don’t live there, simply tourists, and are not impacted by the nature and demands of life in these transition zones where the Dutch order, culture, lifestyle and worldview are under assault and even an alien intruder. Blok is peddling a strident white supremacist discourse of racist paranoia where a specifically formulated racist fear is the instrument to motivate political action of various types. This specific racist fear insists that the non-whites in the Netherlands pose a grave threat which must be handled by: stemming the flow of migrants, repatriating those already in the Netherlands who don’t fit into white culture and order and resist integration into the Dutch way of life and policing heavily the population of non-whites in the Netherlands to defuse the threat posed. More and more expressions of difference will be barred from public spaces by legislation heightening the policing of non-white difference thereby preparing the way for the purge.

What is now apparent is the fact that in the politics of the Netherlands the politics of the PVV and Geert Wilders is the mainstream with Wilders fighting to command the discursive momentum as politicians of the ruling coalition are willing to articulate a discourse of racist paranoia tailored for mass consumption. Blok was simply using a focus group to articulate and sound out the reactions of the audience when it was recorded and leaked. Such actions will not stem the multiplication and traction of this discourse in the politics of the Netherlands as it changes the nature of the political order of the Netherlands. What is apparent is that the Netherlands is now well on its way along the path to the embrace of the worldview of National Socialism in keeping with this trend in the North Atlantic in the second decade of the 21st century.

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