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The State of Being Miscegen/ Miscegenate, to be Miscegen/ Miscegenate, the Existential Condition!

Miscegenation (noun): a mixture of races, especially: marriage, cohabitation or sexual intercourse between a white person and a member of another race. Miscegenational (adjective): of or relating to miscegenation. Miscegen (noun): a person of mixed race. Miscegenate (intransitive verb): to breed with someone of a different race, especially with different skin pigmentation. Miscegenate (noun): a person of mixed race. Miscegenator (noun): a person who advocates or engages in miscegenation. Miscegenist (noun): another word for miscegenator. Miscegenist (adjective): advocating miscegenation, of or, relating to miscegenation.

A miscegen exists only when a white person copulated with a non-white person and produced that most potent threat to the white race. Non-white races cannot produce miscegens only whites who copulate and reproduce across the racial divide are capable of producing miscegens. I am then a miscegen. This is the most potent expression of white north Atlantic racist discourse in a single word/concept much more enlightening on the worldview of white north Atlantic racism than the terms used to describe and sum up non-white peoples into neat little categories with ascribed behaviour. Miscegenation reveals the paranoia of white racist discourse caused by: Fear of A Non-White Planet! This fear always beckons the Final Solution!

A racist social order intent on policing sexual intercourse between a superior race and a gamut of inferior races must develop the discourse of miscegenation rooted in the language of miscegenation. Those of us who are of the ex-colonial world have always focused on miscegenation and the manner in which its by-products have to find our way through a racist social order where non-white races are the majority races. But what of Europe where the whites are the overwhelming majority? How does the miscegens of Europe traverse the social order from which our colonial and neo colonial social orders derived themselves? How does the white majority race deal with the miscegens produced in Europe?

DW. Com of Germany aired a documentary “Afro. Germany” which provides some insights into the place of the miscegens in the German social order.

The brunt of the documentary centres on the life of two German women born of a white German mothers and non-white African fathers given up for adoption and raised by white foster parents. One woman was told by her biological mother after years of separation then a meeting that she never thought she would be so black at birth. In both cases it was perfectly acceptable to sex the non-white males but to raise the product of the sexual encounter was not possible. Miscegens are then throw away people products of sex that went bad because it was forbidden sex that led to anathema procreation.

Both women especially the presenter of the documentary speak of skin colour as destiny and difference so much for the babble of the discourse of ethnicity which is another mask for racism. White racism insisted to both women that their black skin contained and determined their culture as “black people”. Your skin envelops and constitutes you because it’s the soul constituted by white racism to wrap and envelop us. Whiteness must condition and constitute blackness in its dance with mutually exclusive dualities. To define ourselves black is then to define ourselves servile to whiteness. How can two women raised by white foster parents be black except in their skin colour and other physical realities. Their blackness has then to be learnt from sources created and conditioned by white hegemonic discourse unless their foster parents allowed “black” persons to socialise them in an alternate worldview driven by an alternate discourse. In the absence of this scenario then the miscegen’s blackness is the product of white hegemonic discourse that sticks to their physical non-white bodies as it assails their consciousness of self. What then is a miscegen?

A miscegen presents/expresses different threats to different persons. To white racists we are the gravest threat to the survival of the genetic code of the master race in its “purity”. We are then the mongrels. We are also the threat of the model of the Haitian revolution where the miscegens turned on their fathers’ race and initiated the slaughter of the master race that Haiti is up to today still being punished for. We also pose a grave question to the white race as to how to treat with us given our white parent and the white genetic heritage we carry. The totalist response is to insist we are black in an attempt to erase our white genetic heritage insisting that it is polluted by the black morass it’s immersed in. At other times when it’s strategic to the master race to distinguish us from the black mass because we hold a white genetic heritage. When this segregation is no longer necessary we are then sent again to the back of the bus with the niggers! The white liberals are those who move us from and back to the back of the bus as it suits their political agendas. The totalist never relents in insisting that we are an aberration that must be excised hence we can strategically deal with the totalists much easier that the liberals. The political agenda to play with our expectations and the search for homelands, belonging and stability is used to differentiate us from the black mass for we bridge the divide constituted by racist discourse in our physical being. The concerted threat is to manifest this physical reality through the generation of a discursive breach that liberates from a racist worldview and the discourse that drives it. The question posed to every single miscegen deals with the manner in which we view ourselves and the actions we take driven by this self-view. Do we view ourselves as bifurcated driven by the need to immerse ourselves in the task of wiping out one side creating the hegemony of the other necessary to wholeness? Do we view ourselves as vessels of multiple heritages, worldviews and discourses held together in a matrix by a non-European discourse and its worldview? To accept the European discourse of miscegen is to be schizophrenic even afflicted. Are we conflicted and ripped apart by self-immolation arising from self-hate and one solution we devise is an inane attempt to view ourselves and present ourselves as extreme examples of one of our bifurcated selves to the extent of washing away the undesired genetic heritage in our offspring through selective breeding.

In the purgatory constituted by north Atlantic racist discourse for miscegens there are many mansions and I remember well the mansion of “nearly white” allocated to myself in a conversation in 21st century Europe. The mansion of organic endemic futility for you is close and yet so far condemning yourself to the singularity of north Atlantic racism. This singularity I rejected many years ago through action by rejecting north Atlantic discourse, the world it constituted and my place in this world.

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