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Islamic State’s discourse of the Treachery of Erdogan

Rumiyah 3 was released in November 2016

In Rumiyah 3 in an article titled: “The Weakest House is that of a Spider” Islamic State listed the material sins of Erdogan of Turkey committed against the Islamic State. The gravest of the sins is stated as follows: “O soldiers of the Khilafah in Turkey! O you whose path to performing hijrah to Dar al-Islam has been blocked by the murtadd, Turkish border patrol forces! You must strike the Turkish taghut and his murtadd followers.” The treachery of Erdogan has resulted in the closing of the border with Syria/Sham thereby robbing Islamic State of the operational freedom it once enjoyed to move men and material across the border with Turkey to and from the Islamic State. Treachery that results in the fatwa of taghut being declared on Erdogan. The lesser sins of Erdogan are as follows: “Since the beginnings of the jihad in Sham, Erdogan and his intelligence apparatuses strived to drag the various militant factions into relationships with him. Through him, they would hook up with the Crusader nations, which used them to fight the Islamic State and ordered them to stop fighting the Nusayri regime.” “Erdogan and his vile state attempted to keep their war on the Islamic State ‘under wraps,’ hiding behind the murtadd factions that were formed under their watchful eye and nourished by their support and financing.” For Islamic State the trade-off was acceptable as long as the Turkish border with areas of Syria controlled by Islamic State remained open and the impunity enjoyed by IS flowed on both sides of the border. The closing of the Turkish border meant that the Islamic State was played as the former agreement was broken by Erdogan’s treachery seen in his actions which violently contradict his public discourse as follows: “The Turkish taghut revealed his prepared role and chartered mission, so he opened the airspace of his country for Crusader warplanes, opened its borders to supply the PKK atheists in ‘Ayn-al Islam, and opened its armouries for the Sahwah apostates in Aleppo.” The actions of Erdogan in his war on Islamic State is then a violent contradiction of Erdogan the champion of Sunni Islam as he aids the Kurdish PKK in their war on the Islamic State. Erdogan therefore single-handedly changed the course of the battle in Sham/Syria in favour of the kaffirun and their apostates to the detriment of Islamic State. Erdogan is then the premier fall guy of the Islamic State in Sham/Syria as it accepts no blame for the condition it finds itself in presently.

Finally, the core sin of Erdogan is this: “Indeed, it was none other than the wicked Erdogan, for the student had far surpassed his apostate teacher in following the path of democracy and accepting secularism.” From the outset Erdogan was an apostate which explains all his actions against the Islamic State but there was no problem with dancing with the apostate when Islamic State enjoyed an open border with impunity.

What must be done in response to Erdogan’s treachery against the Islamic state is as follows: “You must strike the Turkish taghut and his murtadd followers. Start with the imams of kufr and the pillars of taghut therein. Attack the police, judges, and military. Attack the scholars of the taghut and the supporters of Erdogan’s political party (AKP) as well as other murtadd parties allied to him.” “do not forget to kill the citizens of Crusader nations wherever you find them.” The plan of engagement is spelled out as it’s a war by any means necessary on Erdogan and Turkey. But does Islamic State possess the means, material and personnel in Turkey to engage in such a war with Erdogan and Turkey in Turkey? Islamic State’s position on this capacity is as follows: “they have yet to grasp what it means when the Islamic State calls Muslims to fight their enemies as much as they are able to and for this call to then be answered by dozens of hidden soldiers of Allah, sending fear into the east and west using their knives, explosive belts, vehicles, and any other weapons they can get their hands on or means to which they have access, by Allah’s permission.” As long as IS has put into the public domain the order to attack a specific target any attack on that target by a Muslim was on the instructions of and for the Islamic State. An attack for and by Islamic State doesn’t have to reveal the handprints of IS on the attack as there will be none. Islamic State has the means and capacity to attack all its named targets as long as Muslims are present in the war zone nothing else is necessary “radicalisation on steroids.” Much more important for the Islamic State is the lesson afforded by the attacks on the west for these attacks illustrate that Islamic State is a player in the annals of Jihad against the west. This is the primary reason for continuing to seek means to attack the west. Islamic State says: “Erdogan and his government did not heed the lesson of their Crusader allies, whom the mujahidin attacked and engaged in their own cities, making their markets and entertainment sites arenas for open war, as occurred in Paris and Brussels.” If Islamic State can attack the west where Muslims are a minority what is its capacity for war in Turkey with its Muslim majority population? This is the question IS has now posed to Erdogan.

Islamic State is simply playing mind games with its opponents bolstered by the willingness of western politicians to articulate in public the discourse of the war on IS but unwilling and hesitant to accept the cost of war on their electoral success. In the Muslim lands the reality is starkly different from that of the west as the Islamic State has illustrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that it’s not the needed and necessary replacement for the present hegemonic order of the Muslim lands. The nature of its governance over the Khilafah and the Muslims of the Khilafah contradicted the basic fundamentals of Quranic governance and for this the Muslims under the hegemony of the Islamic State were afflicted as Muslims under the rule of the apostates IS loves to hate. These Muslims are then trapped between a rock and a hard place as the alternative proved to be more of the same old order that is the product of western colonial/neo-colonial imperial hegemony.

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