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The murder of Malik el Shabazz February 21, 1965

A single individual went through three public stages of evolution of self and worldview with the discursive changes that drove this evolution. Malcolm Little became Malcolm X and finally Malcolm X became Malik el Shabazz. Malik el Shabazz was intolerable to the US power structure of the 1960’s, hence acceptable members of his race to the racist power structure for their own reasons, manufactured by servile minds, murdered Malik el Shabazz in public in front of his wife and children. The ultimate expression of brutality between members of any servile race they can exact on each other under the rationale that this non-white on non-white brutality benefits them, the soul manufactured by massa which gives then meaning and rationale, personally. Note I don’t use the concept black because I have learnt from Fanon that white begets black and white power demands black servility and all those designated black must be servile. We rant and rave about the use of nigger, wet back, slant eye, half breed, mongrel, sand nigger, rag head and all the souls derived by white power to encapsulate us seducing us to view the world in a servile manner and to police ourselves servile but we use black and brown and all the rest without question. Such is the power of servility.

Malik el Shabazz was faced with a grave problem created by the disparity between the discourse espoused by Malcom X that defined Malcolm X but it could not be allowed to define Malik el Shabazz. Malik el Shabazz whilst alive continued to be defined by Malcolm X by the white power structure but more importantly for Malik el Shabazz was the anxiety of the legacy of Malcolm X acting as a fetter on the brand new praxis of Malik el Shabazz. The legacy of Malcolm X the obedient foot soldier of Elijah Mohammed then destroyed the legacy of Malcolm X the rebel and the challenger to Elijah Mohammed who evolved into Malik el Shabazz. The hegemonic memory of Malik el Shabazz fostered by the white power structure to this day in 2017 and in the minds of the servile races of the white power structure remains that of Malcolm X the obedient foot soldier and by extension the obedient foot soldier of the white power structure. When Malcolm X fled the reservation and then added insult to injury by becoming Malik el Shabazz he had gone so far into the realm of the liberated his death by the hands of members of a servile race became imminent. This death was never necessary whilst he was the ever obedient foot soldier and servant. Malik el Shabazz earned his murder by pursuing his liberation from the soul encapsulating him. A lesson to all of us of servile races that the reward for self-liberation is vagrancy, indigence and ultimately murder. This is to entice us to accept the terms of endearment of the power structure where our servility ensures our oppression but the abiding lesson is that we are still alive life is precious be thankful for that. This position is the product of the worldview that insists to us “good” massas are real and always hope for a “good” massa who will beat us less. Stay alive by any means necessary accepting arrested development as the just reward possible for being granted life and incarceration as an accepted outcome in this servile lifestyle. A servile race not only affirms its master race and ensures the hegemony of its master race but most importantly it ensures its oppression and accepts it as a fair exchange for being alive! I am alive therefore I must be oppressed and incarcerated!

Remembering Malik el Shabazz on February 21, 2017 is a painful instance in life as it’s a most potent indicator of how we of the servile races murder our special, gifted brothers and sisters an act of cannibalism, race genocide and self-immolation that deepens and assures our servility. But in the despair you listen to Trump’s carson/tom exposed in all his shameless servility and you understand that Malik el Shabazz did make a difference.

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