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Geert Wilders, the PPV and their Vision of a New Netherlands

On August 26, 2016 the “Preliminary Election Program 2017-2021” of the PVV of the Netherlands led by Geert Wilders was posted online on the website of Geert Wilders. The document is sub-headed “The Netherlands Ours Again!”. The primary question that arises: is to whom does the Netherlands belong? The following sentence of the document speaks of the “Islamization of our country” and “millions of Dutch citizens” have rejected the Islamization of the Netherlands, “mass immigration and asylum, terror, violence and insecurity.” What then is a “Dutch citizen” for Wilders and the PVV, is a Dutch citizen a nationality or a race? What then is the Islamisation of the Netherlands is never defined by the PVV and Wilders as the question arises as to the ability of a small minority within the population of the Netherlands to wield the social and political power to re-create the social order in their image and likeness. Clearly Wilders and the PVV is appealing to the historically rooted European affliction of fear of Islam by insinuating that Muslim hordes have breached the gates of Europe as conquerors and are creating a new Netherlands in their Islamic image and likeness. A base appeal to European racism by insisting on the nature of a threat that exists in the mind of Wilders and of the PVV to serve a political agenda. Wilders and the PVV is using this instrument to gain state power to re-create the social order of the Netherlands in their image and likeness the instrument of the Muslim threat. Wilders and the PVV’s vision for the new Netherlands shows striking similarities with the vision of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini with the longing to return to a previously lost era of a halcyon civilisation.

The discourse then insists that the Dutch are white Europeans the rightful owners of the Netherlands under siege by Muslim invaders who are non-white and non-European intent on destroying the white Netherlands and erecting an Islamic order in the heart of Western Europe. This threat is the product of the hegemony of the post-world war liberal order which lost its way as its vision is flawed. The PVV states: “Here is our plan: instead of financing the entire world and people we don’t want here; we’ll spend the money on ordinary Dutch citizens.” The instrument of the fear of Islam is simply that a voter mobilisation discourse what is much more instructive and important is the vision for a new Netherlands and the impact this will have on the quality of life of race minorities in the Netherlands under PVV rule. Again in keeping with the deliberate lack of definition with the instrument which is strategic what is an “ordinary Dutch citizen” remains defined by the perceptions of the target audience. The PPV and Wilders is then insisting that there exists in the electorate of the Netherlands a repository and wellspring of racism which will motivate voters to make the PPV the dominant party in the upcoming elections.

The PVV presented an 11-point action plan to the electorate of the Netherlands with the No.1 action being: “De-Islamise the Netherlands.” The PVV reveals what they consider to be an Islamised Netherlands with their action plan to de-Islamise the Netherlands. The Quran will be banned and all mosques and Islamic schools closed and all “other Islamic expressions which violate public order will be banned.” Islam will then be banned in the Netherlands what then happens to Muslims will they then experience their “Kristallnacht” and wear their “crescent moon” on their person in public which is highly likely given this PVV proposed action: “No Islamic headscarves in public functions”. The intent of the PVV action plan is to erase Islam from the Dutch landscape but with this accomplished who else is next as history shows social cleansing cannot be and is never satisfied with a single group as illustrated by Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. The intent is to restrict the size of the Muslim minority in the Netherlands and the rationale for it is the terror unleashed upon Europe and the Netherlands by Muslims. Point 1 of the 11-point action plan calls for closing the borders to Muslims whether asylum seekers or immigrants, revoking all residence permits granted for asylum seekers and closure of the asylum centres. Muslims then are expressions of evil which must be expunged from the landscape of the Netherlands after the Muslims can we expect the same to be done to those who migrated to the Netherlands from the then Netherlands Antilles? The PVV by branding Muslims expressions of evil are inviting hate crimes against Muslims in the Netherlands and this is an investment in race hate as another instrument to accomplish the task of social cleansing. The inherent danger to all migrant communities in the Netherlands is in the listed action under Point 1 which calls for: “denaturalisation and expulsion of criminals with a dual nationality” which though under Point 1 does not say Muslim criminals. The legal ramifications of this action is to create stateless persons expelled from the Netherlands to where in the world the product of race based law where your race determines which code of law is applied to you with the Netherlands being a nation state gulag anyone for concentration camps, gas showers and humans as waste disposal, have you seen Mengele lately? In fact, the action plan of Point 1 reads straight out of the south African Afrikaner Apartheid playbook. Finally, in Point 1 you have “preventative detention of radical Muslims” which illustrates a specific code of law for Muslims where the state defines what is a radical Muslim and this definition merits incarceration in order to protect the Netherlands from this evil that has the grave propensity to do harm for this grave evil is all the evidence needed to justify incarceration. For a Muslim who is also Arab and therefore non-white in the Netherlands of the PVV and Geert Wilders the white rule of law for whites does not apply and that is in essence Afrikaner apartheid applied to the Netherlands. For Geert Wilders and the PVV the Hollywood movie “Minority Report” is real and maybe the lead actor of the movie was portraying him. The final action of Point 1 is the prohibition of return to the Netherlands of all jihadists who travelled to Syria which is expected given the tenor of the rest of actions listed under Point 1 where another group of stateless persons will be created and the problem of the Netherlands fobbed off on another state pass along the resident evil of the Netherlands to other states with no hope of help and intervention from a government of the Netherlands dominated by the PVV. So much for the brave new Netherlands.

The action Points 2 to 11 contain Point 2 “The Netherlands independent again. Leave the EU” and Point 9 “A lot of extra money for defence and politics.” Both are intrinsically linked and further point to the nature of the new PVV engendered Netherlands. It is extremely difficult to remain within the EU and execute the PVV vision of social/race cleansing which demands an assault on the EU as being the prime cause for the influx of Muslims into the Netherlands. To realise the driving desire to cleanse the social order of the Netherlands the EU has to de-legitimised and demonised to mobilise support for a Nethexit. With Nethexit in place the drive to cleanse the social order can be accelerated to attain the desired velocity what is vital to this entire agenda is acquisition of political power by the PVV. The primary political agenda of race cleansing the social order of the Netherlands then demands the investment in repressive capacity by the state to ensure the repressive agencies of the state can in fact suppress the expected resistance, ensure the security of the process and be vital parts of the cleansing and incarcerating machinery. A state repressive structure will then be created and justified by the internal threat to the state thereby creating a permanent state of exception for non-white persons of the Netherlands. A state of exception defined by and premised on the threat posed by a non-white enemy race. The PVV version of Hitler’s Germany and Afrikaner Apartheid South Africa. In this PVV social order the cleansing will spread and soon embrace the cleansing of white, mixed race and other non-white previously bypassed enemies such is the nature of hegemonic power and the power relations derived thereof. The remaining action points are all pork barrel political promises which are meant to illustrate to white voters that the PVV will take care of its voters where it means most security, culturally and personal welfare. This is the PVV’s promise of White Power!

Geert Wilders and the PVV of the Netherlands dares to express cogently in the public domain its embrace of a neo Nazi 21st century discourse that it posits as a viable alternative to the hegemonic post-second world war hegemonic discourse of political liberalism married to globalised neo-liberal capitalism. The PVV agenda is silent on globalised neo-liberal capitalism but adamant on the need to cleanse and re-create the social order of the Netherlands which is straight out of twentieth century European fascism which was carried to extreme end by Hitler’s Germany providing the playbook for the PVV of the 21st century. It is then obvious that within the structure of European social orders two realms of discourses exist and are constantly jostling for hegemonic power: one realm views the social order as comprising groups bent on making war on each other the discourse of race war and the other premised on the discourse of governmentality. The discourse of governmentality surrendered to globalised neo-liberal capitalism and its product financial markets and as a result weakened its hegemony over the social order enabling the discourse of race war to now challenge its hegemony last successfully seen in Europe in the post-world war 1 era of the Nazi state of Germany and the Soviet Union. In 2017 we now have Trump, Putin and the neo-Nazis of mainstream European politics it’s their time now thanks to the inherent flaws of neo-liberal discourse as a replacement for the discourse of governmentality. For this structural mistake Europe will never be the same again. The parallels with the period after the first world war must not mask the new developments in the quest of the discourse of race war for hegemony in the north Atlantic. Islam has replaced Judaism as the race enemy and Marxist-Leninist discourse is no longer the main contender for hegemony from within the discursive realm with race nationalism but the quest for a rigidly stratified social order policed by a homogeneous and hegemonic value order speaks to the longing for the return of 1960s Europe if not 1930’s and 1940’s Europe. Diversity is dead replaced by a regimented order policed by an inherently superior saviour elite as at Jonestown, Guyana remember never drink what they insist you must drink! Imagine Foucault is missing this 21st century danse macabre.

The attempt by Geert wilders and the PVV to intervene into the Zwarte Piet debate in the Netherlands via legislation illustrates potently the agenda of Wilders and the PVV and what the New Netherlands will amount to. It is not only the case of Islam and the Moroccan “scum” but all non-white “criminals” especially those from the former Netherlands Antilles also.

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