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The European Hegemonic Power Elite’s Fatal Ignorance of the Threat Posed by Salafi Jihadi Discourse

The attack in Berlin, December 19, 2016, by a Salafi Jihadi attacker who pledged allegiance to the ultra-extremist brand of Islamic State’s Salafi Jihadi discourse before his attack and the public responses to it succinctly illustrate the reality that the neo-liberal discourse of the European Enlightenment is incapable of grasping the motivational structure of Salafi Jihadi discourse and how it impacts a Muslim adherent. The sophistry adhered to by the European hegemonic power elite in the face of this grave threat reveals the intention to maintain a discourse in hegemony when it’s faced with a threat that emanates from a discourse that rejects outright the fundamental assertions of this hegemonic discourse. Islamic discourse rejects the fundamental assertions of European Enlightenment discourse and Salafi Jihadi Islamic discourse insists that there can be no peaceful co-existence between such diametrically opposite and opposed worldviews. The alternate prescription of secular Muslims sans Islam will not end this war of the worlds simply justify it and it will not defeat Salafi Jihadi discourse as it will purposely change its strategy and methodology of attack. The Salafi Jihadi faithful will outwardly wear all the outward signs of secular Muslims sans Islam biding their time to attack the weakest links in the chain seeking to generate the gravest impact on the political order as what they seek in Europe is a reaction where all Muslims are locked away in concentration camps of various forms, designs and content as how Trump fell for it. The failure to grasp the structure of motivation will lead eventually to this and the Salafi Jihadi will rejoice as a prime strategic intent was realised. Never forget that the adherents of this discourse willingly lie to the kaffirun and in the pursuit of realising an attack on the kaffirun all Islamic moral prescriptions and prohibitions are suspended. The key then is exposing the failure and refusal of European hegemonic discourse to grasp the reality and act upon it rather than resorting to sophistry. On December 16, 2016 DW online of Germany published “Immigrants lead the way in demanding assimilation, study finds” which reported on a study by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation titled: “What makes us who we are, what unites us” which consisted of 1000 persons interviewed made up as follows: resident aliens, German citizens not born in Germany or with one parent not born in Germany, and citizens of longstanding German families. The findings of the study were used to assault the AfD insisting that Petry’s position on immigration was not borne out by the “scientific facts” established by the study. What happened on the night of December 19, 2016 in Berlin and why was this study of no relevance in understanding this attack? Simply because in the study no recently arrived Muslims in Germany especially those seeking residence/asylum from 2015 were included. All the study focused on was the age old question of the Turkish guest workers with all its racist antecedents, realities and overtones seeking to prove that the Turks and their offspring were in fact assimilated and were demanding to be assimilated hence the newcomers will do so. Sophistry at best in its most destructive. The Muslim Turkish guest workers who came to Germany came from a heavily secularised Turkey which impacted the brands of Islam embraced in Turkey then and if Germany instituted the same programme today the Muslim input will be entirely different. The study then deliberately refused to poll the opinion of the recent arrivals yet it insisted that the experience of the Turkish Muslims will be valid for the recent arrivals in a bid to impact the politics of Germany as the general election looms in 2017 then the attack of December 19 falsifies the study. The academic talking heads for hire who produced the study will never admit publicly that they did shit and they are all in fact soliciting buyers for their services seeking to please the moneyed opinion formers. In all of this sophistry the knowledge of the threat posed by the Salafi Jihadi discourse is not an agenda, a mission and a strategic necessity and the innocent and the powerless have shit to pay as usual.

The response in the corporate media to the Berlin attack (see DW online listed) is another potent indication of the sophistry of explaining a social act that emanates from a worldview that is alien to yours or in the case of Arab newspapers of attempting to rationalise the action away with excuses pinned to the poor living conditions of those recent arrivals compared to what standard certainly not what they say they fled from. In the European media the discourse is the same radicalisation, religion, terror, crime and social deprivation a discourse of incomprehension and ignorance as it signally fails to reveal the personal, individual motivation and meaning to the social act but it cannot as the discourse is not Islamic and the articulators are not Muslims. Their worldview cannot grasp a Muslim reality as both discourses are discordant and the European discourse rooted in Enlightenment racist arrogance simply cannot fathom and undertake the need to dump the enlightenment, embrace Islamic discourse thereby cultivating the sensibilities to “GAZE” upon Salafi Jihadi discourse and its adherents. To ditch the Enlightenment, you need an intensive tutorial in the anti-Enlightenment discourse of Michel Foucault then you need to be guided on your journey through Islamic discourse then Salafi Jihadi discourse. I offer my services as I am Muslim and engaged in a life study of the works of Michel Foucault.

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