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Failure of the German Security Apparatus or Failure of Germany’s politicians?

There are grave lessons to be learned from the attack on the Berlin Christmas market December 2016 and as in the case of the Paris and Belgium attacks the primary lesson is the underestimation of the abilities and commitment of Salafi Jihadi mujahidun to attack the citizens of the member states of the EU. The tsunami of refugees from Muslim lands to the EU and especially Germany was the greatest strategic gift granted to the Salafi Jihadi of the Muslim world intent on waging war on Europe and the actions of the refugee named as the perpetrator of the attack in Berlin attests to this fact. The politicians who unleashed this tsunami on Europe were supposed to know of the risks involved in surrendering control over their borders to un-vetted individuals from Muslim lands where the Salafi Jihadi and/or Deobandi extremism are present and active having contributed in large measure to the quest to flee. Having decided to unleash the tsunami and repeatedly defending this decision publicly you then fail to plug all the loopholes that refugees will exploit to hinder and prevent their deportation to their country of origin. After allowing them to enter into your country at will they are then given the means to move around Germany and the EU at will as they use a variety of measures to countervail the security apparatus and in the face of this rapidly evolving threat nothing is done by the German state to evolve its apparatuses to deal with this now internal threat as the foxes have been given free aces to the henhouse. From what is published in the corporate media on the named Berlin attacker what is noteworthy was his ability to successfully utilise a variety of measures to move through Germany clearly he was searching and this was because he had no operational manager to contact and be outfitted from unlike the Paris attackers. His commitment to create an attack from his resources was then intense and the poverty of his resources framed the nature of the attack with this poverty illustrated by his use of a 22 calibre pistol in the engagement with Italian police as that was all he could have afforded wrong weapon for this engagement. This individual was under state surveillance in Germany and disregarded apparently because there was no cell for him to lead the spooks to, no cell, no big bust, no national acclaim, no political traction for the agency in the politics of the war on terrorism. The said attacker was a prohibited immigrant marked for deportation but the German state failed to formulate a solution to the strategy of migrants destroying their official IDs from their country of origin to prevent deportation they simply left him to roam free when there is incarceration in an immigration holding facility is the answer. But then there are the EU treaty clauses that conjure up a world where there are NO grave, deliberate, committed, informed and brilliant threat perpetrators within the EU and German politicians as all politicians who don’t deal with the details of their actions until it impacts their bid for re-election if you’re lucky. The most potent lesson of this attack as all the others is that a thriving illicit world facilitates these attacks and it has always been standard operating procedure since the Madrid train bombings to utilise persons who are both committed attackers having access to this illicit world. The post tsunami of refugees illicit world in Europe has been radically transformed and the rate of evolution quickened to the detriment of Europe and the trends emerging in the electoral politics of the EU will not and cannot competently deal with this threat. The EU state is now under a grave threat and its electoral politics is in denial but specifically did German politicians and the German state apparatuses discern the reality of the threat unleashed by the refugee tsunami and have they reacted to the threats arising from this tsunami? The Berlin attack sends a clear message of NO! In response to the need to win re-election Merkel in the aftermath of the Berlin attack announced the singling out of Tunisian prohibited immigrants but the threat has no nationality as It’s a discourse with its subservient worldview a reported statement by Merkel that again betrays the futile attempts to define the threat within manageable political limits formulated without influence from the threat which is a recipe for further single individual attacks. In a political environment of denial, the state security apparatus will continue to focus on the grand picture of cells and mass attacks all framed by their wishes and reality. Merkel let the jinn out of the bottle and German politicians as those of the EU cannot put the jinn back in the bottle whether it be Merkel, Le Pen and Petry. Citizens have no choice to accept the reality that their lifestyle must change to reflect the threat that exists.

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