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The Impact of Marine Le Pen on French electoral politics

The talking heads of the globalised neo-liberal financial markets are frantically pounding out the discourse of the failure of Le Pen to win the 2017 presidential election in 2017 in France. The discourse insists that the French two round system of voting when triggered will destroy Le Pen’s bid for political power but these are the same said talking heads who pounded out the relentless discourse of the failure of the Brexit vote and the defeat of Donald Trump in the US presidential election 2016. But much more importantly these talking heads of hegemonic financial market neo-liberalism are now pounding a new discourse of making money off Brexit and Trump’s victory without reference and due regard for the impact both events will and are having on the social orders of the UK and the US. These talking heads are only interested in their public discourse with making huge sums of money for themselves and their clients and persons outside of this small elite simply don’t register on their radar. This cloistered bubble worldview driven by the discourse of greed is always very good sums up the major reason why their suppliant politicians have lost their ability to ensure the hegemony of this oligarchy over the electoral politics of the North Atlantic. The issue is not that Trump belongs to this oligarchy but the reality is his campaign discourse and victory have unleashed social forces he cannot control. The suppliant politicians cannot understand and change their discourse to suit the reality of electoral politics today simply because the rebellion is against the impact the discourse of the hegemony of globalised financial market neo-liberalism has had and is having on the quality of lives of ordinary people who have the power to exercise their adult franchise.

In French politics today the fear of Marine Le Pen is then legion and discourses are being re-tooled in the hope that they will resonate with the electorate and end Le pen’s bid for power which potently illustrates the bankruptcy of suppliant neo-liberal politics in France. The victory of Francois Fillon in the primaries for the Republican party illustrates the attempt to outdo Le Pen at a game which she defines and set the rules for. Fillon wants to implement super neo-liberalism in France, impose his personal morality on the populace, cosy up to Russia and to spend huge sums of money to assault the Islamist threat by extending its expanse without being an Islamophobe. Clearly the French right wants to outdo Le Pen yet remain and deepen neo-liberalism in France and don’t adopt the mantle of being “extreme”. Mantles, categories, typologies and designations all manufactured by the talking heads of globalised hegemonic neo-liberal financial markets with their lapdogs in academia in an attempt to define the new rebellion in their image and likeness in an attempt to delude themselves whilst disarming it. Le Pen has already won as she is defining the terms of engagement in French politics at present and the discourse she articulates will not go away as long as globalised neo-liberalism continues destroying lives in the pursuit of amassing wealth for the 1%. Globalised neo-liberalism has then spawned and breathes life into a counter discourse that will drastically change the social order wherever and whenever it attains hegemony. Never forget Trump is the first acolyte of Le Pen’s discourse to win political power in the North Atlantic. Will there be others? Stay tuned to a corporate media outlet.

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