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Islamic State and the loss of Dabiq

The Islamic State (IS) in response to further loss of territory in Syria and Iraq in September 2016 launched the first issue of its English language online publication Rumiyah with the second issue following in October 2016 with no new issue of Dabiq to-date. In the first issue the Islamic apocalyptic discourse centred on Dabiq that drove the issues of the previous English language online publication Dabiq is now absent and the discourse for the strategic response to the post IS terrain is being rolled out. This discourse is now hinged on and visualised in the actions and martyrdom of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Rumiyah is then the attempt by IS to blend the motivational impact of Anwar Al Awlaki’s message geared to recruitment in the West with Zarqawi’s message and methodology which is the justification of a sectarian blood bath in Iraq attained by any means necessary and the assault has started on the Shia to attain the desired end. On October 16, 2016 the Turks reported that its proxy force in Syria had expelled the IS from Dabiq. The expectation of the loss of Dabiq necessitated the formulation of a new discourse that no longer speaks of the inevitability of the apocalypse premised upon the actions of IS. What constitutes this new discourse will be posted on this website shortly. The loss of Dabiq has dealt a telling blow to the apocalyptic persona of IS and its discourse of the vanguard triggering the apocalypse by its actions. It will be very instructive to analyse how IS rationalises this discursive crash. On October 17, 2016 the government of Iraq announced the commencement of its assault on Mosul.

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