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Questions for the EU media on Paris 2015 and Brussels 2016 attacks

These questions arise from the common discourse published in the EU media on both attacks which points to a discourse crafted and fed to the media by the state security apparatuses of the EU especially those of France and Belgium. If Abaaoud was in fact the head of an IS network in the EU why in the aftermath of the Paris attacks he was in hiding in an empty overgrown lot that was a dump for discarded items living rough under a tarpaulin in an area of post industrial blight? Why did the supposed head of this deadly network call his female cousin by mobile asking for help to leave his hideout, gave his location to her and when she visited him she did not come alone and that person sold out Abaaoud and his cousin to the French police. Abaaoud the supposed head of an IS network broke every rule in the play book. Where was the network? Where was Abaaoud's training and discipline? Was the person Abaaoud supposedly contacted after his cousin rented an apartment and he joined Abaaoud and his cousin in the apartment sent by the network to ensure Abaaoud's silence as Abaaoud was a failed Shahid a condition worse than being apostate? The very media reports indicate that Abaaoud was a repeat failure as a field commander and Paris was his gravest failure as the attack on the stadium failed because of poor planning and execution. Added to this Abbaoud refused to die as a Shahid in his back up attacks which made his grave failure worse in the worldview of IS. He ran from death refusing to embrace it unlike the Shahids at the Bataclan. Abaaoud in the ranks of Islamic extremism was then compromised a grave blot on the extremist credentials of IS. To run to Syria to seek solace with the supposed network meant certain death the means then to remove the blot with credibility is to die in the apartment under assault by suicide bombing but note not by his hands according to the media reports. If IS has a network of logistics providers in the EU why then was the material for the Paris attacks purchased from organised crime smugglers/retailers by the attack group? Abdelslam is depicted in the media as being close to Abaaoud and involved in the daily operation of the attack group why then was he wearing the vest of a Shahid? To wear the vest meant he was expendable. Abdelslam's refusal to detonate the vest placed him in a state of reality where he could not contact the supposed network and he posed grave threats to those he was in contact with previously. To flee to Syria was not in the works as his crime was punishable with public beheading under the order of IS. He therefore turned to the Hood in Belgium to move him out of Paris to Belgium and to hide him in Belgium. He used his contacts in the Hood exposing them to prison and he did not care as as he could not go to his extremist links as he was now Haraam. Hence his choice to sing like a songbird and those in the circles knew he would sell them out to save himself. By his actions Abdelslam was no Islamic extremist simply a bad boy from the Hood playing extremist. Is this the quality of leadership that IS has mobilised and deployed to attack the EU? Is this the basis of the grave IS threat? This is a grave threat in the discourse of the media, the state security apparatuses and the politicians of the EU in reality it is only EU political incompetence that makes it a threat.

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