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The Takfiri attacks on the EU by its citizens and their love/hate relationship with the EU

Members of the Arab minority born in the EU who have accepted the worldview/discourse of European enlightenment post modern social orders and patterned their worldview and lifestyle by this hegemonic discourse are deeply alienated, encumbered with an inferiority complex and are now acting upon a deep hatred for the EU. They are convinced that they have been denied access to the EU pie exemplified in the conditions they live under simply because they are not white. Racism then denies them their rightful access to the bounty of the EU and their response is hate which has now evolved into extremist violent engagement or as some say terrorism. Some tried the journey to ancestral roots and firmly rejected the worldview/discourse of Arabs from the ancestral homeland as they discovered how European in worldview they are. But their quandry worsened as they were now cornered in a EU they viewed as hostile to their Arab genetic code this dilemma feeds rebellion against the social order and the embrace of illicit means to break out of fetters conceived of as the deliberate instruments of white racism. The hegemony organised crime wields over their communities provided the entry into an alternate lifestyle that offered the hope of wealth and rebellion against the white racist order. This alternate lifestyle placed them in contact with the criminal justice system and the deepened stigma of having a criminal record with little hope of illicit wealth. The deepening rage fed hate and the search for a new vehicle to express this hate. This vehicle was extremist Islam but their refusal to embrace fully the Islam of the extremist groups that viewed their European worldview as Haraam resulted in their embrace of the Takfiri methodology where the successful execution of the mission was priority and to achieve this all actions to attain the end are allowed even though they contradict Islamic principles. This methodology empowers the Arabs of the EU bent on attacking the EU the space they demand to live their European lifestyle and exercise their European worldview whilst still attacking the EU. The EU citizens who have embraced this methodology present the gravest threat to EU security as they are not Muslims in public at best at worst IS is just a brand they invoke and IS has no control over them as they are agnostic. The Takfiri citizens of the EU and those who animate the structures of containment for Arabs in the social order of the EU are all objects of the European discourse of race struggle/race war a discourse adept at constituting extremism in Europe and it is today exercising hegemony in the EU at the time neo-liberalism has denuded the apparatuses of the state. A discourse of radicalisation formulated in the UK to deal with a South Asian minority rooted in South Asian Islam cannot apply to Arabs born in the EU who define themselves as being European.

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