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Lessons the EU will never learn about extremist attacks from Madrid 2004, Paris 2015 and Brussels 20

The response of the EU to the extremist threat with a racist discourse that attempts to demean and demonise the persons seen as posing the threat to have them viewed as less than human posing a futile threat to white civilisation that demands a state response of overwhelming force that will eventually crush the threat. This is an extremist response spawned by a discourse that gave birth to both Nazi Germany and Stalinist Soviet Union and is driving the spawn of neo-nazi politics across the EU under the guise of nationalist populist political movements. The discourse of the established political class and the neo-nazi upstarts are the same as both refuse to recognise publicly the fact that the attackers are citizens of states of the EU and ask publicly the question: why do people born and reared in the EU now choose to wage war against the EU? All we hear from the talking heads is the discourse of radicalisation which has no definition devoid of parameters as it is devised by state actors to suit the agendas of state actors and politicians. This discourse of radicalisation cannot grapple with the question of why is a citizen of Belgium, France, the UK born and bred in these states hate these states to such an extent that they are motivated to be a suicide bomber in an attack against the citizens of and the state? All we hear is this glib talk of radicalisation which means nothing. The politicians of all shades of grey cannot admit that this hate has to be spawned by the social order to which these individuals belonged and the social conditions which impacted their daily lives and framed their worldview. What we hear is blame IS failing to rather cannot recognise that these individuals use IS as a means to make war but their methodology of making war shows that they are not adherents to the worldview/discourse of IS. The Madrid 2004 attack, the Paris 2015 attack and now Brussels 2016 all show that citizens of the EU making war on their countries of birth do so as Takfiris not as mainstream Shahids/Mujahids. The embrace of Islam is then the means and mechanism to facilitate and justify the hate made manifest in the attacks. In response all manner of speculation is unleashed which illustrate the abject ignorance of the motivation of these individuals. To demean and demonise sends the message to the communities in the urban holding bays for ethnic minorities in the EU that the state is not interested in collecting human intelligence from these areas as overwhelming force will ensure victory as it did in Algeria. The most potent reality to be appreciated is in these holding bays for ethnic minorities organised crime rule unchallenged by the state and it is in the life of crime the insurgents receive their training for their attacks on society and it is their links to organised crime that fund and provide the material they need to launch the attacks and gives them cover not IS. The "so-called" Islamic State a description used in the western media is for the consumption of the persons in need of reassurance but it does nothing to improve the quality of engagement with the citizens that hate their state. Denial is a luxury that few can afford in the EU and to-date the media of the EU has failed miserably to discern and publish cogent realities that must be aired publicly for the survival of democracy in the EU.

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