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The European Strategy of the Mexican Traffickers revealed

The seizure in Naples, Italy of a cocaine lab processing coca paste imported from South America to Italy for processing into cocaine hydrochloride indicates that the Mexican Trafficking Organisations (MTOs) in keeping with the strategic plan already implemented in Central and Latin America have now moved the process to Europe. It is much more easier to traffic coca paste as all the interdiction technology is sensitive to cocaine and it is much easier to mask with legal products. The raid at the Naples lab found coca paste masked with plastic material in the process of being separated from the plastic masking a relatively simple process mastered by the traffickers. A coca based liquid was also found indicating the processing process with the final state being production of powdered cocaine. The strategy calls for a cluster of relatively small labs established in urban and suburban areas well hidden in its environment of operation. To raid one is just a cell removed and those in that cell are ignorant of the overall operation. The lab in Naples simply indicates the link between Italian organised crime and the MTTOs with the apex partner in Europe being the Ndrangheta of Italy as a result labs will be in operation at strategic points across the EU as the strategy calls for placing production as close as possible to the consumer markets of the EU. The parallel strategy is to establish coca bush production areas outside of the Andean region and it is common botanic knowledge that the coca bush is viable in areas outside of the Andean region. This strategy then calls for coca bush production areas in Africa feeding coca paste in the network of labs in the EU. The other ongoing stage in the strategy of the MTTOs is the creation of a network of meth labs producing industrial grade ice in the EU to explode EU demand for meth. Norway you are now in play. For further details of this reality see my book on the MTTOs and articles on my website.

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