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The manufactured myth of El Chapo

El Chapo supposedly created the largest illicit trafficking transnational organisation today whilst he was boxed in Mexico supposedly on the run from Mexican state agencies and prosecuting a war for hegemony within the Sinaloa Federation in his quest to be El Don then against the Gulf and Los Zetas organisations. That El Chapo was able according to the manufactured myth to successfully complete all of these agendas simultaneously whilst never leaving Mexico speaks to his genius. El Chapo should be running the capitalist world and lecturing in every ivy league business school in the capitalist world. Imagine a go-for in the Sinaloa Federation with a minimal primary education rises to the top and creates a multi-billion trafficking enterprise.

To believe this then you must believe in the tooth fairy and know very little of 21st century capitalism. The Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez in her book “Narcoland” expresses the reality of El Chapo most succinctly as follows: “Semi-illiterate peasants like El Principe, Don Neto, El Azul, El Mayo, and El Chapo would not have gotten far without the collusion of businessmen, politicians, and policemen, and all those who exercise everyday power from behind a false halo of legality. All these are the true godfathers of Narcoland, the true lords of the drug world.” Pg 6 “There will always be substitute candidates for support to continue the criminal enterprise.

Many have seen their time come in this way: Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, Rafael Caro Quintero, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Joaquin Guzman Loera alone will quit when he feels like it, not when the authorities choose. Some say he is already preparing his exit.” Pg 7. Anabel hernandez’s paradigm is them premised on the position that drug trafficking in Mexico is a state and oligarchic enterprise. Those who read Mexican history know that the Mexican oligarchy pre-dates the Mexican illicit drug trade. How then can the peasants of Sinaloa supplant an oligarchy that dominates Mexico up to today? Please!! My question from a Caribbean perspective is this: where is the so-called war between cartels that is going on in Mexico in the Caribbean Basin? There is Mexican trafficking hegemony but no cartel war. The sellers of the myth of El Chapo must explain this by reference to reality on the ground not with myth and personal attacks on the messengers.


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